Thailand is a really beautiful country and every year many visitors come to see the amazing beauty of this country. The average visitors are always focused on finding some inexpensive ways of traveling around Thailand so that they can visit more places. And it is a good thing to find the inexpensive ways because there is no meaning of spending more money on something that can be found at an affordable price.

In this article, we are going to discuss some inexpensive ways for you so that you can travel around Thailand without wasting a lot of money. Summer is the perfect season to travel to Thailand because the weather in Thailand is really awesome during the summer. So, get ready to enjoy the outstanding weather of Thailand if you want to have some fun this summer.

Currently, we are going to help you save some money on travel costs but we will discuss some other topics in the future as well. Food, residence and many other services are also very expensive Thailand. So, we will talk about all those services, step by step, so that you may have lots of fun there. Here are the inexpensive ways you can follow if you want to save money when traveling around Thailand this summer.

Traveling by bus

Bus travel is the best way of saving money when you are traveling around Thailand. You can easily check the location of different buses on your mobile. And there are some bus services in Thailand that regularly update their traveling costs on their website and app so that the customers can stay informed about what they are going to pay to travel from one place to another. The billion stars is the best service in Thailand that allows you to travel around Thailand at very affordable rates. So, you must choose their service if you want to save money on travel costs.


The train is also a good way of saving money but you won’t be able to see many interesting places while you are traveling on the train because train’s track is outside the cities. However, if you are not interested in getting engaged in the hustle and bustle of the city, then the train is the perfect way of traveling for you. The train is a less expensive option as compared to the bus but we still recommend traveling on the bus if you want to enjoy every single moment during your visit.

Rush hours

Most of the taxi services charge you a higher price during the rush hours. Therefore, you should avoid traveling during the rush hours. Thus, you’d be saving a lot of money on the traveling costs. The taxi service can be really expensive in some areas but there are some areas where Taxi service is less expensive than other means of travel.

Inexpensive Ways to Tour Around Thailand This Summer
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