At SUPERHOTEL, all actions and judgments will be based on Faith. We understand this and will actively put it into practice.

1. Guests’ Opinions

Noting is more important to us than guests ’opinions and we consider it our minion to respond accordingly. We welcome their ideas (both complaints and special requests) without making excuses or avoiding responsibility. We will listen to them sincerely and try to meet their satisfaction with creative originality. We strive to be a pleasing hotel, exceeding expectations for customer satisfaction.

2. Cleanliness

It is our mission to provide a clean space in which guests will stay. We will thoroughly check and work closely with our business partners to ensure a clean space where stray hair and dust are not present and odors do not linger. We will also keep the front desk. Lobby area, and other work areas clean and tidy for a pleasant working environment.

3. Safe & Good Night’s Sleep

Another important mission is to make sure the guests can relax in a safe environment conducive to sleep. We hold guest safety during emergencies as our number one concern, and take this responsibility seriously as we maintain facilities against crime prevention and damage from natural disasters.

4. Creative Originality & Continued Improvement

In order to be a leading hotel in the industry and held in high esteem by our guests, we strive to optimize cost savings and service improvement, by continually improving, without adhering to the usual way of doing things or commonly held notions.

5. Empowerment

Each individual employee is empowered to make decisions and take action. Since each of us is empowered, we can build a positive relationship with guests by meeting their requests and problem-solving, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

6. Teamwork

We must always be aware of teamwork and cooperate with other sections and outside our own job description in order to increase customer satisfaction and be able to better meet guest requests. We will take action while taking the whole situation into account.

7. Personal Appearance

As employees of SUPERHOTEL we will always keep a pleasing appearance to our guests, following the guidelines for personal appearance in the employee manual.

8. Communication

The basis of communication is listening to what others have to say. We will listen receptively to thoughts and opinions which differ from our own, we will always respond to ideas and requests. Such communication, once realized, will enhance mutual understanding and trust, while also strengthening teamwork.

9. Speed, Speed, Speed

We will focus on speed when conducting business. The situation is constantly changing, so information will be conveyed immediately. Complaints in particular will be promptly handled. We will make it a habit to take swift action when a good idea presents itself.

Service Standards
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